Engineered Solutions – Our Process

Engineered Solutions – Our Process

Engineered Solutions – Our Process

To provide a solid foundation for the project, Air-Met’s engineers will thoroughly discuss the requirements of the project to ensure that all your environmental monitoring parameters and business objectives are met.

Designing and Planning
Keeping in focus all client requirements discussed in the consultation phase, our engineers will develop detailed initial designs and plans of the most suitable fixed gas detection solutions for the client's needs.

Solutions are then proposed and discussed with clients for feedback. Based on feedback, designs are revised where needed until the client is satisfied with the solutions offered.

The Air-Met Approach

Supply and Installation
Involving only qualified Air-Met staff and approved sub-contractors, the installation phase involves the system build and rollout at the client site(s).

Air-Met’s commissioning phase involves site testing of the new unit(s) to ensure that the new system has been correctly installed and installation is completed to the relevant specifications.

Support and Maintenance
Equipped with factory trained service teams in all offices nationwide, Air-Met’s Total Care Service Agreement provides certainty of budget and confidence that your equipment is always maintained and operating at optimum efficiency. Agreements are flexible and can be tailored to include extended warranties, repairs, training and service plans.

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