SKC AirChek Connect Sample Pump

Bluetooth Connected Touch Screen Sample Pump with Flow Range of 5 to 5000ml/min


The SKC AirChek Connect Sample Pump is a Bluetooth-connected, lightweight, quiet sample pump that is simple to use with its intuitive touch screen operation. With an extended flow range of 5 to 5000ml/min, the AirChek Connect Sample Pump is suitable for dust sampling and vapour sampling.

Ultra-quiet and tough, the AirChek Connect Sample Pump features high back pressure compensation, corrects flow for changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure, displays elapsed time and more. A powerful Li-Ion battery provides users with long run times of over 40 hours while the Bluetooth-connected large touch screen display easily connects to mobile with the SmartWave app allowing users to view pump operation and monitoring.

The SKC AirChek Connect is part of the SKC AirChek Sampling Pump Range.

SKC AirChek Family Selection Guide

For more information on the SKC AirChek Connect, please contact your local Air-Met Scientific office.

SKC AirChek Connect Pump Features

  • Flows from 5 to 5000 ml/min 
    • 5 to 500 ml/min with low flow holder accessory 
    • Multiple-tube sampling in low flow mode 
  • High back pressure compensation 
    • Up to 50 inches water at 2 L/min 
  • Bluetooth low-energy connectivity for in-range pump operation/monitoring with: 
    • IOS or Android mobile phones and tablets with free SmartWave app – available on the App Store and Google Play 
    • PC and DataTrac Pro software 
  • Li-Ion battery – over 40-hour run times 
  • Corrects flow for changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure 
  • Flow fault with auto-restart 
  • Large display with continuous parameters 
  • Bright running and status LEDs 
  • Ultra-quiet Small and lightweight 
  • Convenient charging cradle – chain up to 5 
  • Screen lock-out and protective cover
SKC AirChek Connect Sampling Pump Performance Profile
Flow Range 
Constant flow from 1000 to 5000 ml/min (5 to 500 ml/min requires low flow holder)
Compensation Range (Back Pressure Capability)
  • 5000 ml/min at 20 inches water back pressure 
  • 4000 ml/min at 30 inches water back pressure
  • 3000 ml/min at 40 inches water back pressure 
  • 2000 ml/min at 50 inches water back pressure 
  • 1000 ml/min at 60 inches water back pressure
Power Removable rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery, 7.4 V, 2.6 Ah, 19.2 Wh or AC using cradle
Run Time (Li-Ion)
  • 40+ hours at 2000 ml/min* 
  • 15+ hours at 5000 ml/ min*
  • Indefinite run from charging cradle
  • Flow control: ± 5% of set-point after calibration to desired flow 
  • Atmospheric pressure: ± 0.3 in Hg 
  • Temperature: ± 1.0 C
Display Parameters
High-contrast backlit LCD/Time, date, battery status, flow rate, sample volume, temperature, atmospheric pressure, back pressure, programmed run remaining time, and elapsed run time
User Interface
Eight-area capacitive touch screen with auto-dim and locking options
Sound Level Average 51.7 dB at 3-ft (1-m) distance using a 37-mm, 0.8-µm MCE filter cassette
Tubing Requires ¼-inch ID tubing
Dimension/Weight 4.1 x 3.7 x 2.8 in (10.4 x 9.4 x 7.1 cm),19.4 oz (550 gm)
  • Intrinsic safety (SKC Cat. No. 220-4000 operated with SKC Battery Pack P75718)
  • Class I, Groups A, B, C, D; Class II, Groups E, F, G; Class III, T4; Class I, Zone 0 
  • AExia IIC T4 Ga; Exia IIC T4 Ga; -20°C ≤ Ta ≤ 45°C; Ex II 1G Exia IIC T4 Ga; IECEx UL 19.0100 
  • DEMKO 19ATEX 2288

The SKC AirChek Connect is suitable for:

  • air quality sampling
  • dust monitoring
  • vapour sampling
  • low flow sampling

SKC AirChek Connect Support Material

AirChek Connect Sample Pump Datasheet