OLCT 10N Combustible Gas Detector

The Oldham OLCT 10N is a digital combustible gas detector designed for the detection of combustible, toxic gases or oxygen.

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The Oldham OLCT 10N Digital Gas Detector has been designed for detection of the most common gases in commercial and light industrial applications. Intended for use in combination with the MX 43, the OLCT 10N provides a fast and accurate response. Up to 32 detectors can be connected on the same digital line or distributed on 8 lines.

All transmitter information is received by the controller in less than 1 second. Non-intrusive operator interface requires only a simple magnetic wand and allows one man calibration without opening the enclosure, and calibration information, such as span reserve, is stored in the MX43.

The OLCT 10N is IP65 and ATEX 3 GD certified, for use in ATEX 2 and 22 zones, and is water- and dustproof.

For more information about the OLCT 10N Digital Gas Detector, contact Air-Met Scientific today. 

The OLCT 10N Features:

  • Digital transmitter without display
  • Available with catalytic bead or electrochemical sensors
  • Detects O2, combustible gas, and toxic gases
  • Available for detection of O2, CO2, H2S, NH3, NO, NO2, Methane, Propane, Butane and Hydrogen
  • For commercial and light industrial applications (laboratories, cooling rooms, hospitals, boiler rooms, waste water treatment plants, etc.)
  • ATEX 3G certified for use in zone 2
  • For use only with the MX43 controller


OLCT 10N Specifications
CH4, C3H8, C4H10, H2
0-100 % LIE (-20°C à + 55°C)
  O2 (> 2 years) 0-30 % vol (-20°C à + 50°C)
  O2 (5 years) 0-30 % vol (-40°C à + 50°C)
  CO 0-300 ppm / 0-1000 ppm (-20°C à + 50°C)
  H2S 0-30 ppm / 0-100 ppm (-20°C à + 50°C)
  NO 0-100 ppm / 0-300 ppm (-20°C à + 50°C)
  NO2 0-10 ppm / 0-30 ppm (-20°C à + 50°C)
  NH3 0-100 ppm / 0-1000 ppm (-20°C à + 40°C)
  CO2 0-5000ppm / 0-5% vol / 0-100% vol (-40 à + 50°C)
Output RS485 Modbus, proprietary protocol
Power Supply 12-30 Vcc
Electrochemical sensor:
Catalytic sensor :
CO2 Infrared sensor:
2.5 mA in normal operation @ 24 Vdc
50 mA in normal operation @ 24 Vdc
20mA in normal operation @24Vdc
Calibration Non-intrusive
Dimensions (LxHxW) 118x110x60 mm
Materials ABS, UV and shocks resistant
Ingress protection IP65
Ex II 3 GD - INERIS 11ATEX3023X - IECEx 11.0029X
Ex nA nC IIC T4 Gc for explosimetric versions / Ex nA IIC T4 Gc for others (except CO2 versions)
Ex tc IIIC T135°C Dc
Electromagnetic compatibility according to EN50270


Applications for the Oldham OLCT 10N Combustible Gas Detector:

  • laboratories
  • cooling rooms
  • hospitals
  • boiler rooms
  • waste water treatment plants