Microvacuum Cassettes for Surface Sampling

Efficient Collection of Asbestos or Fungal Spores

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Microvacuum Cassettes provide efficient collection of asbestos and fungal spores from irregular surfaces/carpeting with the use of a high flow pump such as the QuickTake 30. 
SKC Microvacuum Cassettes feature a microvacuum nozzle and are available with a polycarbonate filter or MCE filter (as specified in ASTM Methods D5755 and D5756 for asbestos in dust). Microvacuum Cassettes are available separately or in a convenient Carpet Sampling Kit that also includes sampling accessories.
Designed specifically for the collection and analysis of fungal spores from carpets and other dusty areas, the Carpet Cassette contains a 0.45-µm pore size polycarbonate filter preloaded into a 37- mm cassette with an attached microvacuum nozzle.
  • Nozzle for easy sampling on irregular surfaces/carpeting 
  • Collect fungal spores and contaminants in settled dust using a high flow pump
Sample Time Varies
Sample Rate 10 L/min
Sample Pumps High-volume vacuum or QuickTake 30
Tubing 1/4-inch ID and 3/8-inch ID


  • Indoor surface sampling