Tiger & Tiger Select Firmware & Manual Update

Ion Science has recently updated the firmware and PC software for the Tiger & Tiger Select models. It is a good idea to update your Tiger & Tiger Select models to take advantage of new updates, resolutions and additional device features.

Please be mindful that there are significant changes to the Tiger Select firmware, therefore, we would recommend revising the latest user manual prior to completing the updates.

Software versions:

  • Tiger & Tiger Select firmware version V0.8.08
  • Tiger & Tiger Select software version V1.0.1.07

The latest firmware contains:

Tiger & Select

  • Run time is now shown in hours and minutes
  • Tiger PC configuration screen can be expanded or minimised to simplify the information displayed
  • Gases added to the custom gas tables are selected as default
  • Ion Science logo can be restored

Tiger Select only

  • Basic and Advanced modes are now selectable within the instrument firmware. Please refer to the latest user manual for more information
  • The 10.0eV lamp is the only delectable lamp option
  • Tube calibration error occurs when insufficient calibration is completed
  • Tube and PID calibration routines have been updated for enhanced clarity

Useful Links:

Software Download    

Tiger Select Manual Tiger Manual


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