EMF Safety: Wideband Measurement with Selective Measuring Device

Using the Narda SRM you can efficiently make a wideband measurement in just a few simple steps. The example below shows how you can use the Narda SRM to make a wideband measurement:

  1. Select “Full Span” as the frequency window in “Spectrum Analysis” mode.
  2. Then open “Evaluation - > Integration” and move the “Frequency Integration Min Maker” to the left-hand edge of the frequency range and the “Max Marker” to the right-hand edge.

All the services in this range will be captured and added together.

The “Int.-Val” displays the wideband value between 27 MHz and 3 GHz in this particular case using the SRM Antenna 3501/01. The video below illustrates how simple this process is. It’s even easier in “Safety Evaluation Mode”.


As shown in the example, you will not only get the result for each separate service, but you will also get the total of all the services in a service table in just seconds that will enable you to define yourself. If you active the “Others” function, any services present that are not in the service table will also be included in the total. That’s two devices in one: a selective and wideband measurement instrument.



For more information about the SRM-3006, please contact your local Air-Met Scientific office.  

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