Supporting the RESP-FIT Respirator Fit Testing Program


Proudly Supporting the RESP-FIT Respirator Fit Testing Program

Air-Met is proud to announce our continued and longstanding support of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienist (AIOH) and hygiene community by supporting the important work and educational courses conducted by the RESP-FIT Respirator Fit Testing Training and Accreditation Program.

While the utilisation of respirators plays a vital role in the protection of worker health from hazardous levels of dust, chemicals or pathogens, due to variances in facial shapes and features, it is even more important to ensure that these respirators are fit tested to ensure adequate fit and seal in order to provide the intended level of protection.


What is RESP-FIT Fit Testing Program

Developed by the AIOH, the national RESP-FIT respirator fit testing and accreditation program aims to improve the competency of respirator fit testers through approved respirator fit testing courses, trainers, and accrediting respirator fit testers.

Fit Test Methodologies Covered Under the RESP-FIT Program

While internationally there are several accepted and validated fit test methodologies, the three most common methodologies and the ones covered under the RESP-FIT program are:

  • Qualitative (QLFT) – Aerosol Taste Test (ATT) 
  • Quantitative (QNFT) – Ambient aerosol condensation nuclei-counting (CNC) 
  • Quantitative (QNFT) – Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP) 

Air-Met Scientific offer a range of fit testers for sale or hire that utilises a methodology as covered by the RESP-FIT Training and Accreditation Program such as the OHD Quantifit and the TSI Portacount. While the Portacount uses QNFT, the OHD Quantifit, the fastest and most accurate quantitative respirator fit testing machine on the market utilises OHD’s patented Controlled Negative Pressure Technology, has no consumables and can perform a test all in under 3 minutes.

For more information about the RESP-FIT Respirator Fit Testing Program, visit 

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Wed. 11 Nov 2020

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Supporting the RESP-FIT Respirator Fit Testing Program