Quantifit Respirator Fit Tester

Quantifit Respirator Fit Tester


Not all respirator fit testers are the same. Not all testing methods produce the same results. Using state-of-the-art technology, the OHD Quantifit Respirator Fit Tester takes accuracy, speed and reliability in respirator fit testing to a whole new level with the whole process taking only 3 minutes.

The OHD Quantifit is a highly specialised instrument which utilises the scientifically proven and patented CNP (Controlled Negative Pressure) technology to directly measure respirator leakage. The OHD Quantifit is accepted by OSHA and is included in the Canadian Standards [CSA Z94.4-2011] and UK HSE Standards [EN132-149], as well as ANSI Z88.10-2010.

With no consumables required for operation, the Quantifit directly measures facepiece leakage. The unit precisely measures leak rate (in cc/min) by determining the amount of air that leaks into the respirator during the fit test. Other test methods infer leak, while the Quantifit is the only system that directly measures the leak.

Easy to use, the Quantifit takes the user through the test protocol step-by-step so that there is no guess-work, and very little time is needed to instruct the employee being tested. There is no instrument warm-up period to worry about, and the one-minute daily calibration ensures that the Quantifit is working within a strict tolerance.


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OHD Quantifit Features & Benefits

Proven Technology

  • Utilises scientifically proven and patented CNP (Controlled Negative Pressure) Technology to directly measure respirator leakage
  • Accepted by OSHA - Included in the Canadian Standards [CSA Z94.4-2011] and UK HSE Standards [EN132-149], as well as ANSI Z88.10-2010. 

Fastest Fit Testing Available

  • With the OSHA approved CNP REDON respirator fit test protocol, a fit test can be performed in as little as 2-3 minutes 

Multiple Donnings

  • Only system in the world that uses multiple donnings to ensure that the worker knows how to don the respirator correctly with each use 

Easy To Use

  • Step by step instructions to take the user through the test protocol 
  • No instrument warm up period
  • One-minute daily calibration to ensure that the Quantifit Respirator Fit Tester is working within a strict tolerance 

Most Rigorous Test  

  • Using a challenge pressure of 53.8 – 93.1 L/min, the OHD Quantifit Respirator Fit Tester stresses the mask as an employee would while breathing heavily under extreme physical conditions. 
  • The use of air as a standard (non-varying) gaseous challenge agent provides a more rigorous test of mask fit than an aerosol agent. If air leaks into a respirator, there is a chance that the particles, vapours, or gas contaminants also may leak in. While aerosol-based systems can only see particles that may enter the respirator, CNP detects potential health hazards from contaminates smaller than particles. 

On-board Data Storage

  • The Quantifit can store 500 tests enabling the typical user to store more than a year's worth of tests and is downloadable via the FitTrack Gold software 

NIST Calibration

  • Ability to calibrate the Quantifit with generally available primary calibration systems assures a higher standard of test results (NIST traceable standard). 

Test in any Environment

  • Respirator fit testing can be performed in any environment if air is present
Quantifit Respirator Fit Tester Specifications

Dynamic Range

Leak Test Measurement: 2-5000 cc/min
Resolution: 0.1 cc/min 
Fit Factor Computation: 6-53,000

Pressure Sensor Parameters

Pressure Range: 0-20 inches (50.8cm) H2
Resolution: 0.01 (0.0254cm) inch H2
Accuracy:± 0.25% FS 
Over-Pressure Limit: 60 inches (152.4cm) H2
Temperature Compensation: 15°C to 30°C

Instrument Accuracy

Challenge Pressure:  ± 5%
Leak Rate Measurement: ± 3% or ± 3 cc/min, whichever is greater


LCD Graphical 128 x 64 pixels

RTC Datalog Memory

Rechargeable Battery

Data Retention 

2 years without power

Operating Range

15°C to 30°C

Storage Range 

-40°C to 60°C


139.7 x 25.4 x 393.7mm (HxWxD)





The OHD Quantifit Respirator Fit Tester is ideal for the evaluation of respirator fit.