SRM Selective Radiation Meter N-Connector Saver

SRM Selective Radiation Meter N-Connector Saver

Protect Your SRM-3000 and SRM-3006 Selective Radiation Meter N-Connectors With The N-Connector Saver Attachment

The N-Connector on the SRM-3000 and SRM-3006 is permanently fixed to the RF module to guarantee maximum measurement accuracy within the calibrated specifications.

This means that the entire RF module must be replaced when the N-Connector is worn out. We therefore recommend the N-Connector Saver for customers who need to change antennas very frequently. This connector between the basic unit and the antenna is simply screwed onto the basic unit and remains attached to it, but can be replaced quickly and cheaply when necessary.

Measurement uncertainty is not affected significantly; for example, no appreciable reflection occurs. 

For more information, contact your local Air-Met Scientific office today. 


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Tue. 07 Feb 2017

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SRM Selective Radiation Meter N-Connector Saver