Selective Measurement Based On The ICNIRP Standard

How do you make a selective measurement based on the ICNIRP standard?

“We’ve just measured 1.693 nanowatts per square centimeter (nW/cm²) at 946 MHz!” Sounds pretty dangerous. But, is it really?

How can you tell if this is really dangerous? Well, the Narda SRM-3006 Selective Radiation Meter has the ICNIRP standard stored in memory. When you activate it and switch the display to “%” and enables the device to convert the result into a percentage so that everybody can understand it. 
In the example earlier, this would mean that 1.693 nW/cm² is actually 0.00425% of the limit value.

For more information about how you can activate the ICNIRP standard in your SRM-3006 Radiation Meter or for more about the SRM-3006 Selective Radiation Meter, click here or call 1800 000 744 to speak to one of our friendly representatives.



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Mon. 28 Jan 2019

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Selective Measurement Based On The ICNIRP Standard