New Software Update for the AMS-8061

New Updates Available for the AMS-8061 Selective Area Monitor

Download the latest software for the AMS-8061, designed for the continuous long-term observation of electromagnetic interference

Narda has released new software has been released for the AMS-8061 Selective Area Monitor. With over 3,500 units stationed around the world, the AMS-8061 is one of the globe’s most trusted area radiation monitors.

The AMS-8061 software allows users to define and select up to 20 frequency bands for measurement.

A new configuration wizard for Narda area monitors has also been made available. Along with a host of other features, this software will allow you to auto-detect connection status and battery status, configure security and other settings, as well as log and identify errors for easy troubleshooting.


It is compatible with both the AMS-8061 Selective Area Monitor and the AMB-8059 Multi-Band Area Monitor.

V1.28 of the AMS-8061 PC-Software and the Narda Configurator area monitors PC-Software can both be downloaded at the link below.


For more information on area radiation monitoring solutions, contact Air-Met Scientific on 1800 000 744


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Mon. 29 Jul 2019

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New Software Update for the AMS-8061