New Software and Firmware Updates for the Narda NBM-550

Narda NBM-550, The Only Field Meter on the Market that Covers 0–90 GHz

With the release of new firmware and PC software, the Narda NBM-550 Broadband Field Meter can now cover all frequencies from DC to 90 GHz when used in conjunction with the HP-01 Magnetometer.

The NBM-550 from Narda is a handheld device with datalogging features, designed for the measurement of non-ionising radiation. When connected with the HP-01 via a supplied adapter, static magnetic fields can also be measured and evaluated. This makes the NBM-550 the only field meter on the market that covers a frequency range from 0 to 90 GHz.

The new updates allow the NBM-550 to support wideband measurements with the HP-01 from 10 μT up to 10 T in five frequency ranges (0 Hz to 1/20/30/100/1000 Hz). On the display screen, measurements for individual X, Y, Z axes along with the isotropic measurement value will be visible. The measurement can also be timer controlled.

Various other functions, bug fixes, and new features have also been added. These details are included in the Readme document with the download.

The NBM-550 firmware v3.0.0 and the NBM-TS software v4.0.0 can be downloaded here.

Narda NBM-550 Broadband Field Meter

Please note that it is recommended to always use the latest versions of the firmware and software to ensure error-free operation. Narda will also no longer be supplying the NBM-TS on CD-ROM. Current and subsequent updates will be available to download for free on their website.

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Wed. 24 Apr 2019

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New Software and Firmware Updates for the Narda NBM-550