New Firmware Available for the NBM-550

New Firmware now Available for the NBM-550 Broadband Field Meter

Download the latest firmware for the NBM-550, the only field meter capable of covering DC to 90GHz

Narda has released new firmware for the NBM-550, enhancing the previous version which facilitated compatibility with the Magnetometer HP-01.

Covering a frequency range of 0–90GHz when used in conjunction with the HP-01, the NBM-550 is the only field meter on the market capable of this feat. This datalogging handheld field meter is designed for the measurement of non-ionising radiation in various industries where radiation may be a concern to human health including the telecommunications, defence and broadcast industries.

NBM-550 Firmware v3.0.1 can be downloaded below.


Narda NBM-550

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Date and Time

Mon. 22 Jul 2019

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New Firmware Available for the NBM-550