Narda EHP-50: Software Update

Narda EHP-50: Software Update

What is the EHP-50F?

The EHP-50F from Narda is a frequency selective FFT measuring system with high dynamic range for electric and magnetic fields from 1Hz to 400 kHz. Sensors in all three spatial directions deliver isotropic results for selective and wideband measurements.

The weighted peak method is used as a standard-compliant measurement of complex signals. This method evaluates the signal through mathematical convolution in the time domain. This method results in the direct display of the exposure as a percentage of the limit value.

Typical applications for the EHP-50F:

  • Power supply stations and transformers
  • High-tension lines
  • Electric motors, railroads
  • Industrial equipment for welding, tempering, and smelting
  • Galvanizing equipment, chlorine manufacturing
  • Medical technology, MRT

Latest Software Update

Software for the EHP-50F Field Analyzer has been available for download via the Narda website since December 19, 2017. The update with setup version V 2.06 is recommended for all users of the EHP-50 Type C, D or F, as several improvements in operation and processing have been included in the main program EHP50-TS.

Major changes for the EHP-50C, D, F:

  • Dual mode (E and B field) with selectable B field units: µT or mG can now be set as the units of measurement in addition to A/m.

  • Standalone mode with selectable units for magnetic field, and long comments: The units of measurement can be set to A/m as well as to µT. The maximum length of comments is increased from 24 to 88 characters for the EHP-50F.

  • New “EMFV 2016 Low ALS” standard in Spectrum mode: The limit values for magnetic fields below 8Hz in the German EMFV 2016 regulations are more stringent than those in the European Directive 2013/35/EU. As a result, the “EMFV 2016 Low ALs” limit values curves has been amended.

Changes for the EHP-50 only:

  • Weighted Peak mode (WPM) with altered phase characteristics: The phase characteristics for weighted measurements (WPM) have been changed from piecewise linear phase to the RC filter characteristic recommended by ICNIRP, and now corresponds to the characteristics of the ELT-400.

  • New “EMFV 2016 Low ALs” standard in WPM operating mode: Corresponds to the limit values specified for low activity levels for magnetic fields in the German regulations.

Major changes for the EHP-50F:

  • Specifications for measurement uncertainty for Weighted Peak and the addition of graphs for the saturation limit

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Narda EHP-50: Software Update