iNet Control and iNet Now v7.6 Released

iNet Control and iNet Now v7.6 Released

Air-Met Scientific would like to advise iNet customers of the release of iNet v7. This new update provides several enhancements and bug fixes for iNet Now and iNet Control. iNet Control and iNet Now upgrades are automatically available at no charge.

This update includes several enhancements including:

[INS-4999] [INS-8703] iNet Exchange replacements can now be sent with or without equipment group and user settings applied.

[INS-7788] [INS-8706] [INS-8709] Improvements to iNet alerts that will include additional troubleshooting steps and information. 

[INS-8252] [INS-8280] Enhancements to layout of worker ‘cards’ on Live Monitoring page of iNet Now that adds phone # of the user (if available) and allows for gas readings and alert conditions to display concurrently. 


[INS-8643] Allows users with equipment group permissions to access iNet Now Real Time Alerts for related equipment.

[INS-8665] Allows administrators to remove an iNet Now activation from an instrument that is in longterm lost state so it can be applied to a different instrument. 

[INS-6760] [INS-6955] [INS-6966] [INS-7222] [INS-7776] [INS-7921] [INS-7962] [INS-8033] [INS-8174] [INS-8310] [INS-8393] [INS-8396] [INS-8419] [INS-8490] [INS-8561] [INS-8563] [INS-8595] [INS-8596] [INS-8605] [INS-8642] [INS-8801] [INS-8836] [INS-8886] Minor customer-facing enhancements and bug fixes.

[INS-7488] [INS-7537] [INS-8159] [INS-8228] [INS-8258] [INS-8348] [INS-8370] [INS-8379] [INS-8587] [INS-8719] Minor internally facing enhancements and bugs fixes.

[INS-7742] [INS-8004] [INS-8332] [INS-8447] [INS-8696] [INS-8698] Support future product development.

For more information, please contact your local office or call 1800 000 744 to speak to one of our friendly representatives.


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Mon. 19 Feb 2018

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iNet Control and iNet Now v7.6 Released