EMF safety: Area monitoring with AMB-8059 and AMS-8063

EMF safety: Area monitoring with AMB-8059 and AMS-8063


Measuring the strength of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) has never been easier thanks to Narda’s Wideband Area Monitor 8059 and the new vehicle mounting kit. The Narda AMB-8059 was originally designed as a stationary wideband monitor for measuring the strength of electromagnetic fields such as those produced by broadcasting equipment, mobile communication systems, as well as high tension lines. When equipped with a solar panel and mobile phone modem, it can be permanently set up at points that are of public interest, measure the field strength, and send the data back to the office via the internet. 

Mounting the monitor to a vehicle using the new vehicle mounting kit also allows for monitoring whilst on the move. Thanks to the built-in GPS module, the results obtained will be shown on a map showing the local field strength.

The rapid growth in complex infrastructure, primarily in wireless communication and power distribution networks has resulted in an increase in equipment emitting electromagnetic radiation. This has resulted in an increased concern from national and international regulators, as well as an increased awareness and concern from the general public. It’s now more important than ever before to monitor and reduce the impact that EMFs has on our environment and the community.

The AMB-8059 has been designed to provide simultaneous monitoring of electric and magnetic fields with a frequency range of 10 Hz – 40 GHz. It features quad-band probes for separating mobile networks as well as wideband measurements, solar panel for independent power supply, a built-in 2G/3G modem for easy data transfer, temperature/humidity sensor, and GPS sensor among other features.


The Narda AMB-8059 can now be equipped to vehicles with the new vehicle mounting kit. This means that you can now drive around or remain stationary and monitor an entire area more efficiently. The built-in GPS module will provide a map showing local field strength providing for simple and efficient measurement.


Most field strength measurements are made either in the low-frequency range (energy providers, etc.) or at high frequencies (cellphones, broadcasting, etc.). The mid-range frequency band between them is often neglected. However, the EHP-200A sensor from Narda can effectively measure mid-range frequency bands. The sensor is now available in a setup called the AMS-8063 that features a solar panel for independent power supply. It makes frequency selective monitoring of electric and magnetic fields in the range from 9 kHz to 30 MHz easy and convenient.

The AMS-8063 also features a built-in spectrum analyser for monitoring up to 100 user-defined frequencies, robust design for use both indoors and outdoors and is suitable for LW, MW and SW broadcasting antenna installations.

Download EMF Monitoring Brochure

Download AMB-8059 Datasheet

Download AMS-8063 Datasheet

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EMF safety: Area monitoring with AMB-8059 and AMS-8063