EMF Safety: 5G Network Solutions

EMF Safety: 5G Network Solutions

The first 5G networks will launch in Australia during 2019. But, are you ready for the 5G network?

Australian telcos are currently testing the 5G network, to ensure wide area coverage will be ready to roll out. Now’s the time to ensure you get your field strength measuring equipment up to date for location certification and health safety requirements.

5G will not only bring higher bandwidths, but higher frequencies too. The common mobile communication frequency bands are supplemented by frequencies that were formally reserved for directional radio links, so there are plans to use the 25GHz to 30GHz band as well as bands over 60 GHz. If you are looking for wideband measuring devices for up to 90 GHz or personal monitors up to 100 GHz, you need look no further than Narda. A brand renowned for EMF safety and delivering quality products.


Check out these great Narda products:
Product Name Product Description  
NBM-550 Broadband Field Meter The Narda Broadband Field Meter NBM-550 is part of the NBM-500 device family. It makes extremely accurate measurements of non-ionizing radiation.
SRM-3006 Selective Radiation Meter Frequency selective hand held field strength measuring system for rapid and reliable safety assessments with e.g. separate recording of mobile communications channels of different providers and worst case evaluation through decoding of control signals in UMTS and LTE. View More
NBM-580 Broadband Field Meter The NBM-580 collects the measurement values from up to eight spatially distributed measurement stations, records them continuously, and triggers alarms if limit values are exceeded. View More
Nardalert S3 Personal Radiation Monitor Nardalert S3 is worn on the body and gives visible, audible and vibratory warning when the electric field power density approaches or exceeds the permitted limit. View More

For more information on the product solutions above and additional Narda products not listed, please contact your local Air-Met Scientific office.  

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EMF Safety: 5G Network Solutions