EHP-50/-200 PC Software & Firmware Updates

EHP-50/-200 PC Software & Firmware Updates

New PC Software & Firmware Update For The Narda EHP-50/-200 Low Frequency Radiation Monitors

The new free software and firmware for the E & H Field Analyzers EHP-50 and EHP-200 includes a whole range of minor improvements including frequency data for Highest Peak and additional measurement results for each axis, which add stability to the software and make it easier to use.

The expansion of the “Stand Alone” operating mode for the EHP-50F is particularly worth mentioning. Requests from users for more information content (e.g. frequency data for Highest Peak and additional measurement results for each axis) have been implemented.

There is one fundamental change in that the previous EHP-TS Installer Pack has now been split into two separate versions for EHP-50 and EHP-200. This gives more flexibility and allows faster reaction time when changes are made.
Please be aware that the version number quoted on the download page is always the Installation Pack version number, not that of the main program for EHP50-TS or EHP200-TS. This is because each Installation Pack comprises several separate programs, each with its own version number. The latest firmware is also included in the Pack. Users are prompted to make the firmware update automatically when the main program is started.
The latest firmware versions:
  • EHP50 Installer Pack V 2.02 (includes EHP50-TS Rel. 1.66) 
  • EHP200 Installer Pack V 2.01 (includes EHP200-TS Rel. 1.91)

These packs can be downloaded from the below links:

EHP-50 TS Installer      

EHP-200 TS Installer

NOTE: You must have a user account in order to download the updates. 

For more information about how these updates affect you, contact your local Air-Met Scientific office today. 


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Tue. 07 Feb 2017

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EHP-50/-200 PC Software & Firmware Updates