Lelend Legacy Personal Air Sampling Pump

Provides High Flows and Long Run Times in a Compact, Portable and Battery-Operated Sampler.


The Leland Legacy® 5 to 15 L/min PC-programmable personal-size pump provides up to 24-hour run times for personal or area sampling of low-level contaminants. The pump is ideal for use with impactors, low-volume PUF tubes, filter cassettes, and spore traps.

For more information on the Leland Legacy Pump, contact your local Air-Met office. 

  • High flows from 5 to 15 L/min
  • Long runs for 24 hours on one battery charge
  • Low Levels:
    • Longer runs at higher flows provide more sample for the enhanced sensitivity required for measuring low concentrations, particularly in indoor air environments.
  • Low Noise:
    With the noise-reducing case accessory, the Leland Legacy can operate at 10 L/min and 12 inches water back pressure with a noise level of only 52 dBA
  • Advanced flow control:
    The patented (U.S. Patent Nos. 5,892,160) internal flow sensor measures flow directly and acts as a secondary standard to constantly maintain the set flow. Set flow is achieved immediately at start-up and flow calibration is automatically maintained by built-in sensors that compensate for differences in temperature and atmospheric pressure during sampling. 
  • Flexible programming
    • Manual three-button operation
    • PC programmability
  • Accurate automatic calibration
    • The patented (U.S. Patent Nos. 6,227,031 and 6,363,769) built-in CalChek feature provides hands-free calibration between a Defender primary standard calibrator and an SKC Leland Legacy pump for fast and easy calibration of the pumps internal flow sensor. The Defender calibrator is sold separately or in convenient Leland Legacy CalChek kits.
Flow Range
5 to 15 L/min
Flow Control System
Closed loop with patented internal flow sensor
U.S. Patent No. 5,892,160
Compensation Range
15 L/min at 5 inches water back pressure
10 L/min at 12 inches water back pressure
 5 L/min at 20 inches water back pressure
Flow rate: ± 5% of set-point after calibration to desired flow
Timing: 1 min/mo at 25 C
Atmospheric Pressure: ± 0.3 in Hg
Flow Fault
If the pump is unable to compensate for > 15 seconds due to excessive back pressure, a flow fault icon displays and flashes, the pump enters Hold mode, and the pump retains historical data. Auto restart is attempted every 20 seconds up to 10 times. Adjustable with DataTrac for Leland Legacy software
Flow Control
An internal isothermal flow sensor measures flow directly and continuously. Sensor readings are used in a flow monitoring algorithm to maintain calibrated volumetric flow. In addition, built-in atmospheric temperature and pressure sensors provide readings to correct volumetric flow for these parameters when they vary from point of calibration.
Tubing Requires 3/8-inch ID tubing
Display LCD, displays pump serial number, pump software revision level, flow rate, volume, temperature, atmospheric pressure, time of day, run time, and pump status, i.e., hold and run as well as Setup information
Volume Display Continually updated, based on corrected flow rate multiplied by sampling time. When volume exceeds 99,999 liters, the pump will continue to run normally but an O_FLO error will appear on the LCD.
Time Display Time of day in hours and minutes (12 or 24-hour clock) with AM and PM indicators
Timer Display Range 1 to 99999 minutes (69 days). If the run time exceeds 69 days, the timer display rolls over.
Operating Temperature Range 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C) Protect sample pump from weather when in use outdoors.
Altitude The pump can apply correction to volumetric flow during sampling for weather-related or altitude variations from the atmospheric pressure established at calibration up to at least 7500 feet above and 5000 feet below sea level.
Typical Run Time†
24+ hours:
  • Sioutas Impactor at 9 L/min (approximately 13 inches water back pressure)
  • Personal Environmental Monitor (PEM) with 37-mm, 2.0-µm PTFE filter Cat. No. 225-1709‡ at 10 L/min
  • Low-volume PUF Tube at 5 L/min
  • DPS Sampler (PM2.5 or PM10) at 10 L/min
  • For extended run times, the pump may be operated while attached to the approved charger.
  • 8 L/min Respirable PPI
† Results obtained using a new pump and new fully charged battery. Pump and battery performance may vary.
‡ Back pressure on PTFE filters can vary within the same lot. Maximum operating temperature is 464 F (240 C) based on support ring.
Noise Level
62.5 dBA — pump without case 
52 dBA — pump housed in noise-reducing case (optional accessory Cat. No. 224-89)measured 3 ft (1 m) from pump operating at 10 L/min without media
User-Adjustable Values Sample run time, calibration, clock display, flow rate, time of day, delayed start, and temperature and atmospheric pressure display
Recorded Values
Start date and time, stop date and time, total sample time, flow rate, sample volume, temperature, atmospheric pressure, and pump mode transitions
Adjustable Logging Interval Records pump history from 3 seconds (15.4 min of data) up to 8 hours (over 102 days of data) depending on setting. Option available when using DataTrac Software
Power Supply
Battery: removable, rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery pack 7.4 V x 12-Ah capacity, 88.8 Wh. See Li-Ion Battery Shipment below.
Charger/AC adapter: input voltage 100-240 V AC
Battery Recharge Time (with SKC-approved charger) 15 hrs
Temperature: Charging 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C)
Temperature: Storage -4° to 95°F (-20° to 35°C)
Size 8 x 3.9 x 2.6 in (20 x 10 x 7 cm)
Weight 36 oz (1 kg)
Case Thermoplastic with soft rubber overmolding
RFI/EMI Shielding CE Marked


Use in non-explosive locations only.

  • 24-hour exposure monitoring
  • Indoor air studies
  • Particulate sampling:
    • Pesticides — EPA TO-10A and ASTM 4861
    • Bioaerosols (spore traps/cassettes)
    • Cotton dust
    • Radon decay products (ASTM D6327-98)
    • Isokinetic sampling
    • Nanoparticles with 37-mm MCE filter at 7 L/min
    • Respirable dust with 8 L/min PPI sampler
  • Environmental sampling
  • Sampling with cascade impactors
  • Spore trap sampling (VersaTrap) 
  • PM2.5 with PEM at 10 L/min (EPA IP-10A)