smartMODUL Premium Series Gas Analysis Sensors

Infrared Gas Sensor With Dual Beam Technology With Measurement And Reference Channel For Use With Analytical Devices And Process Control. 

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The smartGas NDIR sensors of the smartMODULPREMIUM series have the same measuring cell as in the FLOW series, but offer some further advantages.

By using additional compact interface electronics (smartCONNECT 2 "sC2"), the smartMODULE PREMIUM Series Sensors are able to install a range of additional features and thus further increase sensor performance for very demanding gas analysis applications.

The NDIR sensor can be read out and adjusted with Modbus ASCII/RTU via the RS485 interface. In addition, the measured values can be read out in analogue form with (0)4–20 mA or 2/5/10 V output voltage (can be configured with jumpers).

Because the influence of pressure plays a role for IR gas sensors with infra-red measuring technology, the sensors in the PREMIUM series possess an ambient pressure sensor. Optionally, however, the cuvette internal pressure can also be measured and compensated. In order to keep the amount of integration work required as low as possible for you, the gas sensors in the PREMIUM series have an input voltage range of 12–24 VDC and a self-adjusting Modbus interface with up to 115,200 baud.

The smartMODUL PREMIUM sensors have the ability to measure the following gases:

Gases Measurement Range Model Type
C2HAcetylene 0-2.3 Vol.-% (0-100% LEL) P1-010236-00000
C4H10 n-Butane 0-1.4 Vol. -%
0-100% Vol. -%
(0-100% LEL) P1-020146-00000
CO2 Carbon Dioxide 0-5000 ppm
0-5 Vol. -%
0-20 Vol. -%
0-100 Vol. -%
(0-100% TLV) P1-212505-00000
CO Carbon Monoxide 0-2 Vol. -%
0-10 Vol. -%
0-100 Vol. -%
C2H4 Ethylene 0-2.4 Vol. -% (0-100% LEL) P1-030246-00000
CH4 Methane 0-4.4 Vol. -%
0-100 Vol. -%
(0-100% LEL)
C3H8 Propane 0-1.7 Vol. -%
0-100 Vol. -8%
(0-100% LEL)

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  • Infrared measuring technology (NDIR)
  • Dual beam technology
  • Analogue interfaces (e.g. 4-20mA)
  • Modbus ASCII via RS485
  • Input voltage 12-28 Volt DC
  • Zero and span calibration by jumper
  • Robust aluminium cuvette
  • 3/5 mm gas line connectors
  • Pre calibrated 
  • High sensitivity
  • Customer specific modules possible

For full product specifications, please refer to the product brochure.

General Features
Measurement Principle: Non Dispersive Infra-Red (NDIR), dual wavelength
Measurement Range: Dependent on model - see brochure
Gas Supply: By flow
Gas Line Connectors:  3 mm interval, 5mm outer diameter
Flow Rate:  0.2 to 0.8l/m (constant)
Dimensions:  Length (model dependent) x 28mm x 42mm (Lx W x H)
PCB Dimensions: 72mm x 55mm x 34mm (L x W x H)
Warm Up Time:  < 2 minutes (start up time)
< 30 minutes (full specification)
Measuring Response1
Response time (t90) Approx 15 seconds (@ 0.5l/m)
Digital Resolution (@ zero): 1 ppm / 0.1% LEL / 0.01 Vol. -% / 0.1 Vol. -%2
Detection Limit: ≤ 1% Full Scale (typically)
Repeatability:  ≤ +/- 1% Full Scale
Linearity Error3 ≤ +/- 2% Full Scale
Long Term Stability (zero)4 ≤ +/- 2% Full Scale Over 12 Month Period
Long Term Stability (span)4 ≤ +/- 2% Full Scale Over 12 Month Period
Electrical Inputs & Outputs
Supply Voltage: 12 to 28 V DC +/- 5%
Supply Current: 70 mA Average, max. 140mA
Power Consumption: < 1 Watt
Analogue Output Signal: 0-20mA linear | 4-20mA linear | 0-1V linear (wth 50Ω) | 0-2V linear (with 100Ω)
Maximum Load:  125Ω
Digital Output Signal: Modbus ASCII via RS485
Calibration:  zero and span by jumper or SW

Relating to sample gas pressure 1013 hPa absolute, 0.5l/min gas flow and 25 degrees celcius ambient and gas temperature

Dependent on the gas and measurement range

Stated linearity error excludes calibration gas tolerance of +/- 2%

4 For dry and clean test gas at 25 degrees celcius and 1013 hPa absolute - depending on the operating and ambient conditions, values may differ.