SKC Classic Tedlar Bags

Made From Classic DuPont® Film With Good Stability For VOCs. 

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Tedlar® Air Sample Bags are made from classic DuPont® film with good stability for VOCs, sulfur compounds, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, and sulfur hexafluoride. 
Use PTFE tubing to attach a dual stainless steel or single polypropylene fitting on the bag to a Grab Air or Twin Port Pocket Pump.
  • Made of clean top-grade clear Tedlar film for sample integrity and valid data
  • Resist gas permeation both into and out of the bag 
  • Choose your fitting
  • Single combined polypropylene hose/valve and septum for economy and light weight
  • Dual stainless steel for sampling flexibility
  • Reliable, inert stainless steel fitting construction prevents leakage 
  • Stocked in a variety of sizes
  • TCLP Tedlar Bags
  • Custom bags available for your application 
  • Breath-gas analysis bags for end-exhaled air determined BEIs (Biological Exposure Indices) and medical applications
Background Moderately low VOC
Stability Good for VOCs, some sulphur compounds (including H2S), CO, CO2, methane, and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6)
Thickness 2 mil
Sample Pump Grab Air, Twin Port Pocket Pump, or Vac-U-Tube Hand Pump
Analysis Multiple
Chemically Inert Tedlar film will not react with or alter the composition of a wide range of collected chemicals to assure sample integrity.