Series 930 Fixed Gas Transmitter and Controller

Robust IP65 Networkable Ozone Monitor.

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The Series 930 Fixed Gas Monitor is a flexible monitor compatible with a range of gas sensors as well as a temperature and humidity sensor, if required. The sensor is housed in a robust IP65/NEMA 4 rated water resistant enclosure protecting it from water damage. There is also the option to include an integrated display for reporting real-time gas concentrations and/or an optional strobe and siren kit which can be configured to activate to a user defined set point.
The Series 930 outputs are designed to measure and control gas concentrations and communicate to a variety of hardware systems. The monitor can operate in three ways:
  • As a relay controller via the integrated relays and user configurable set points to control an external device such as an ozone generator or initiate an alarm.
  • As a gas transmitter via the 4-20 mA output which allows connection to a PLC or current sensing device to provide gas concentration information for applications such as health and safety monitoring.
  • As a monitoring network via the RS485 digital output to enable gas monitoring at several indoor locations with information being logged to a central point.
The Series 930 monitor is easy to install due to the lightweight enclosure and provided wall mounting kit. It requires a 24V power supply which is user supplied to allow flexibility in locations it can be installed.  
  • Active sampling for higher accuracy
  • Tamperproof, water-resistant enclosure
  • Multiple output transmitter
  • Real-time network capability
  • PC data logging and networking
  • Large LED local display (Optional)
  • Temperature and RH sensor (Optional)
Power (user supplied) 
24V DC, 500mA (range 22-26V DC) 
Analogue Output 4-20mA (opto-isolated), 12-24V 
External Signal Type Transistor output (150mA max) 
External Signals (4) Low Alarm | High Alarm | Control | Diagnostics 
LED Display Optional 
Inputs Standby toggle 
Communication RS485 (Aeroqual proprietary protocol) 
Jumpers J1, J2, J3 termination resistors 
Connectors Screw 
ID 1 (Default) User configurable from 1 to 255 
Alarm Set Points (2) User configurable 
Control Set Point User configurable 
Removable / Replaceable / Refurbish-able Sensor Head Yes 
Sampling Method Active sampling via internal sensor fan 
Temperature & Humidity Sensor (Series 945) Range -40°C to 124°C (-40°F to 255°F) | Range 0 to 100% RH 
Configuration Software (Standard) PC Configuration Program CD (supplied) 
Data Logging & Networking Software (optional) PC Data Logging & Networking CD (code: R60) 
USB Interface (optional) RS485 to USB converter (code: R53) 
Power Supply (optional) 24V DC DIN rail mount 100-250V AC (code: R38) 
Enclosure Casing Fibre reinforced polycarbonate | IP41 & NEMA 2 equivalent 
Enclosure Size 180 x 110 x 90 (mm); 7? x 4¾ x 3½ (in)
Weight  < 850 g; < 30 oz 
  • Part 15 of FCC Rules 
  • EN 50082-1: 1997 
  • EN 50081-1: 1992 


  • Health and safety monitoring
  • Industrial process control
  • Toxic gas leak detection
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Real-time network monitoring
  • Gases available: O3, VOC, H2S, NH3, SO2, NO2, CH4, or CH20