Nardalert S3 Personal Radiation Monitor

Personal Radiation Monitor for Electric Fields with Onsite Interchangeable Sensor Modules. 

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Nardalert S3 is worn on the body and gives visible, audible and vibratory warning when the electric field power density approaches or exceeds the permitted limit. The warning thresholds are user settable. Different sensor modules that can be exchanged on site are available for various human safety standards.
  • Automatic evaluation of exposure frequencies according to human safety standard
  • LCD on top of casing can be seen at a glance
  • Display of distribution of high and low frequency components
  • Data logger option
  • USB interface for battery charging and downloading measurement data
  • Calibration interval 3 years
  • Sensor modules are available for the following human safety standards:
    • ACGIH
    • ARPANSA - RP3
    • Brazil ANATEL 303
    • Canada Safety Code 6 (2009)
    • FCC
    • ICNIRP
    • IEEE C95.1
    • Japan RCR-38
Frequency Range
2271/101, FCC = 100kHz to 50 GHz
2271/111, IEEE = 3MHz to 50 GHz
2271/121, SC6 = 100kHz to 50 GHz
2271/131, ICNIRP = 100kHz to 50 GHz
Field Measured Electric Field, V2/m2
Sensor Design Radial field, Diode-Dipole and Thermocouple Array
Alarm Accuracy
(Frequency Sensitivity and Polarization Uncertainty)
+4.5 / -3 dB (100 kHz to 30GHz)
+2.5 / -6.0 dB (50 to 100 GHz)
+2.5 / -6.0 dB (50 to 100Ghz, Typical)
Monitor Range 5% to 200% of Standard Guidance
ELF Immunity 6kV/m
Alarm Indications Visual (LCD and LED) with Audible and/or Vibrate
Battery Life / Approximate Life RCR123A, Lithium (Re-chargeable) / 25 hours
Display Type TFT Transmissive
Display Size 1.77 inches, 28 x 35 mm, 128 x 160 pixels
Backlight White LED’s
Display Refresh Rate 250 msec.
Temperature Range Operational: -10°C to +50°C
Non-Operational: -30°C to +70°C 
Humidity 5 to 95% relative humidity, no condensation; ≤29 g/m³ absolute humidity (IEC 60721-3-2 class 7K2) 
Size 117.1 x 82.6 x 31.8 mm
(4.61 x 3.25 x 1.25 in.)
Weight (including battery) 0.5 lbs. (0.23 kg), with sensor 
Accessories Included AC Charger with Plugs, Charger/Data cable (USB), Carrying Case, Belt Clip, Lanyard Clip, Manual, NS3-TS Software, Calibration Certificate 


The Nardalert S3 is a personal radiation monitor from Narda Safety Test Solutions designed to provide warning wherever humans may be endangered by strong electromagnetic fields, especially where the following types of equipment are involved:
  • Telecommunication
  • Broadcasting
  • Industry
  • Military
  • Air Traffic Control
Applications include: 
  • Monitoring RF signals (occupational limits)
  • Monitoring pulsed radar signals
  • Workplace health and safety monitoring
  • Leak detection on waveguides and coaxial screw connectors