CMS-100 Hydrocarbon Web Logger

Continuous Real Time Hydrocarbon Monitoring System.

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The CMS-100 System has the capability of connecting up to twenty (20) DHP-485 hydrocarbons sensors. The data transmitted from the sensors is stored both in the logger and on our propriety PetroSense Website. The CMS-100 will display alarms on the web. It also has the capacity to send alarm notices via e-mail, up to five (5) addresses.


  • Continuous data collection and recording
  • Ethernet and GPRS Connectivity
  • Battery Back-up
  • Connect up-to 20 DHP hydrocarbon probes
  • Real time remote monitoring 
  • Secure Data Network
  • Automatic Firmware Updates Online
  • Intrinsically safe probe network*
  • Analogue (V or mA) output*
NEMA 4 – IP66 
Dimensions 10.04 / 255 Long - 9.84 / 250 Wide - 6.34 / 161 High
Power Input=120/240 V AC 50/60 Hz Output=12 VDC, .5A, battery charger
Communications Proprietary Website - Ethernet or GPRS modem 
Environmental Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Options Wireless Data Transfer - Solar Powered System

Note: System requires Internet access for retrieving data.