Updated Safe Work Australia Vibration Guidance Materials

Important: Updated Vibration Guidance Materials From Safe Work Australia. Download Today! 

Safe Work Australia has developed a series of guidance material on:

  • how to manage risks associated with vibrating plant in the workplace, and
  • the measurement and assessment of workplace vibration exposures from vibrating plant.

It also provides technical information on how exposures are to be measured and calculated.


Guides should be used to managing risks of vibration exposure if you are a worker or if you manage a worker who is exposed to or is likely to be exposed to vibration.
The guides for measuring and assessing vibration are targeted at persons who have acquired through training, qualification or experience the knowledge and skills to carry out the task. Examples include: occupational hygienists, ergonomists and other work health and safety professionals.  
Publication Information  
Topic: Vibration
Type: Guidance Materials
Publication Date: 1/10/2015 
Hand Arm Vibration Whole Body Vibration
Guide to Managing Risks of Hand Arm Vibration Guide to Managing Risks of Whole Body Vibration
Guide to Measuring and Assessing Hand Arm Vibration Guide to Measuring and Assessing Whole Body Vibration
Hand Arm Vibration Information Sheet Whole Body Vibration Information Sheet

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