Product Update | YSI 550A Water Quality Meter

YSI 550A Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature Handheld Instrument Discontinuation Announcement

Air-Met Scientific wishes to advise customers that the YSI 550A Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature Handheld Instrument will no longer be available from 22nd December 2016. 

Air-Met Scientific will continue to support exisitng units with accessories and parts for the next 5 years. 

Should you be looking for a replacement instrument, the YSI Pro20 or ProODO handheld instruments are replacement options. Both instruments are waterproof, rugged and designed for field use with metal, military spec connectors, IP-67 waterproof rating and survives a 1 meter drop test. 

The Pro20 utilises a DO sensor with cap membrane, just like the 550A. Additionally, the Pro20 has a longer cable warranty, has an internal barometer that allows for a one-touch calibration and has user-replaceable cables and sensors. In addition to connecting a field probe/cable assembly, the Pro20 can also be connected to a lab BOD-style probe.

Should you be looking to upgrade to an optical or lumiescent based technology for measuring dissolved oxygen, then the ProODO is your perfect instrument. The ProODO accurately measures dissolved oxygen without any stirring or regular maintenance requirements. The ProODO is available with a BOD-style lab probe or field probe with cable lengths up to 100 meters.


For more information on this discontinuation or if you need help finding a suitable replacement unit, please click here to locate your local Air-Met office or call 1800 000 744 to speak to one of our friendly representatives. 


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