Air-Met OzChild Christmas Wishing Tree Appeal 2016

Air-Met Wishing Tree Christmas Gift Appeal 2016

Christmas is usually a time of excitement and joy for children. But every year hundreds of local children face a Christmas about as far from what you’d want for your own child as you can possibly imagine. 

They’ve been removed from their parents to protect them from family violence, abuse or neglect. They’ve had their world turned upside down.  

That's why Air-Met Scientific has decided to get involved this Christmas by participating in the Oz Child Wishing Tree gift appeal.

The team at Air-Met is proud to help make a difference and had heaps of fun seeing the gifts build up under the tree.

Many thanks to Brian for personally coming by to pick up the presents for the
Air-Met OzChild Wishing Tree Christmas Gift Appeal.Merry Christmas all and please don't forget to check out our Christmas Shutdown Trading Hours!

About OzChild: 

OzChild works with over 6,000 children and young people with the aim of providing them a better future. OzChild often works with children who are in the ‘too hard’ basket in the belief that every young person deserves the chance to shine. Our approach is comprehensive; where we can provide multiple services to address the often numerous issues in the lives of children and their families.
Programs offered by OzChild range from foster care for children aged 0 – 18 who can no longer live with their natural parents; services for children with disabilities; health and welfare support such as counselling in schools and for families experiencing difficulties; respite for families whose children often have complex needs; education, scholarships, mentorship and development programs for disengaged and underprivileged youth.
To find out about you can help OzChild mission, please visit

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