Gas Commander 800DL-X Eight Channel Gas Monitoring System

From commercial to industrial applications, the Gas Commander 800 DL-X is versatile enough to be installed in any location requiring gas monitoring or control.


Prevent unnecessary injuries and fatalities by equipping your organisation with a Gas Commander 800 DL-X, a cost-effective 8-channel monitoring system. Providing continuous and real time monitoring, the system will immediately trigger alarms and alert personnel when levels exceed specified concentrations.

High Visible Display
The Gas Commander 800 is ideal for applications where the display has to be noticeable. The 20 mm LED Display can be read from 10 meters distance. Its brightness automatically adjusts depending on surrounding ambient light for optimise viewing. If required, the display can be switched off and will only been seen upon an alarm situation.
Output Options and ModBus
The ModBus output allows monitoring of your gas detection remotely from the controller into either a PLC or Building Management System. In addition, its optional internal data logger board can store data up to one year and download when required.
Logging and Live Reading Software
The optional software allows viewing of live data and data logging directly to a computer's hard disk. The software also allows downloading and viewing of data from an internal data logger which is optionally available. The data downloaded from internal data loggers can be displayed in table or graph form. A total of 32 instruments can be linked together. In addition, the software module also allows programming Gas Commander remotely.
Alarm Isolate Function
The Isolate function can be used to freeze the alarm relay operation for the period set. This can be used to allow change of sensor or calibration without affecting the alarm status. The timer will be reset automatically at the end of the timing period selected.

For more information on the Gas Commander 800DL-X, contact your local Air-Met office. 
  • Bright Segment Display
  • Modbus Output Option
  • Easy installation
  • User friendly operations
  • In and outputs custom assignable
  • Proven reliability
  • Die cast IP65 Aluminium
  • Housing
  • Internal Power Supply 100W
Part Numbers
958000 (Standard unit, without RS232 / RS485)
958001 ModBus RTU – RS232 Card
958002 ModBus RTU – RS485 Card
958003 Data logging Board – Inclusive Software RS232
958004 Data logging Board – Inclusive Software RS485
958005 Logging and configuration software 
Enclosure Aluminium Die cast, Colour Beige
Dimensions 200 x 280 x 70 mm
Power Requirements 24 VDC and / or 85 – 250 VAC
Internal Power Supply 24 VDC / 2.1 Amps
Power Consumption 20 VA (Without load). Max 52 VA
Operating Temperature -10… + 60 °C
Humidity 5… 95%
Glands 11 x M16 (of which 6 standard supplied)
Gland Material Brass plated chrome M16
Internal buzzer 68 dB / 1.5 Hz
IP Rating IP65
Weight 2.4 kgs
8 inputs / channels per unit
4-20 mA, Displays -1999… 9999
4 Digital Inputs (reset alarm remotely)
8 Relays suitable for 240 VAC – 5 Amps
1 Descending alarm per channel (Fault or low Oxygen)
2 Ascending alarms per channel (Low and High Alarm)
ModBus RS232 or RS485. (Optional)
Accuracy 0.1 % of full scale when calibrated
Sample Rate 0.5 seconds per channel approx.
ADC Resolution 1 in 20,000
Display 4 + 1 Digit Large Segment display, red LED’s
Alarm Indicators
Key Pad 4 large keypads on front decal
  • Manufacturing
  • Univerisities
  • Laboratory Gas Monitoring