Working Safely Around Electromagnetic Fields

Working Safely Around Electromagnetic Fields

Personal Radiation Monitors and Radiation Class Distinctions

When working around electromagnetic fields (EMFs), worker safety is paramount. Sources that radiate EMFs include broadcast transmitters, mobile phone base stations, radar systems to name a few. One of the most important pieces of personal protective equipment a worker should be equipped with in when working in the vicinity of these sources is a personal radiation monitor such as the RadMan 2 Personal Monitor or the Nardalert S3 from Narda Safety Test Solutions.

Personal radiation monitors are worn on the body and warn users in good time before the permitted limit values are exceeded. The limit values governing safety in electromagnetic fields are divided into two groups:

  • General public and 
  • Occupational

For example, when you approach a transmitter station that is transmitting at sufficient power, at some point you will reach a point where the limit value for the general public is exceeded and you will cross into the area where only the RF workers are qualified to be, the people who know what the equipment is about. Such workers know what the dangers of electromagnetic fields are, and usually carry a Personal Monitor such as the RadMan 2 or Nardalert S3 with them. Theses device warns users so that they do not exceed the next higher limit value, the occupational limit, by mistake.

But who warns everyone else? Everyone who doesn’t have specialist knowledge of electromagnetic fields? People such as visitors, tradespeople, or management staff who might need to be or work near the equipment? They, too, need to be warned when the limit for the general public, which applies to them, is exceeded. What about protective equipment for them?

Additional to the RadMan 2 with the general public limits in the LT version (range up to 8 GHz) is the new RadMan 2 XT version now with general public limit values. Along with a host of features such as datalogging capacity of 100,000 events, functional sensor test, RF detection mode and up to 800 hours operating time, the RadMan 2 XT with general public limit values also has a wider frequency range than the LT and will warn users when the general public limit value has been exceeded.

The Narda STS EMF product range is available exclusively from Air-Met Scientific.


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Working Safely Around Electromagnetic Fields