Wi-Fi and Cellular Introduced to the Ventis Pro5 Personal Gas Monitor

Wi-Fi and Cellular Connectivity Introduced to the Ventis® Pro5 Personal Gas Monitor

Industrial Scientific has expanded their connected safety portfolio to include wi-fi and cellular capabilities in the Ventis Pro5 Personal Gas Monitor

With the introduction of cellular and wi-fi capabilities, the Ventis Pro5 can transmit personal safety data direct to cloud, without having to pass through a gateway first. A newly introduced a satellite communication gateway will also help connect remote and mobile workers in real-time.

The crux of Industrial Scientific’s connected safety portfolio is their iNet® Now live monitoring software, which tracks workers’ locations as well as the hazards they are exposed to in real-time. High alert and panic alarms are instantly sent to a supervisor via text message or e-mail, cutting down emergency response times, increasing the efficiency of your operations, and maximising the safety of your workers.

Ventis Pro5 Panic Alarm

In confined or remote spaces where wi-fi or cellular connectivity isn’t a reliable option, Industrial Scientific's LENS® Wireless system allows alarm sharing between any wireless-enabled Ventis Pro Personal Gas Monitors and Radius BZ1 Area Monitors. In an alarm situation, peers within the connected group are notified of who is in danger, as well as the hazard they are exposed to. This can help nearby workers make informed, in-the-moment decisions to assist each other when emergencies arise.

For more information about connected safety and gas monitoring solutions, contact Air-Met Scientific on 1800 000 744 to speak to one of our friendly representatives.


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Mon. 03 Jun 2019

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Wi-Fi and Cellular Connectivity Introduced to the Ventis® Pro5 Personal Gas Monitor