Why Is A Hypotonic Solution Good For Preventing Dehydration

Why Is A Hypotonic Solution Good For Preventing Dehydration

Dehydration is a common occurrence when working in hot or humid weather conditions or when the human body does not receive a sufficient amount of water. Dehydration will ultimately lead to a decline in productivity and can be detrimental to your health. So, how can a hypotonic solution prevent dehydration from occurring?

Aqualyte is an effective scientifically formulated hypotonic solution that assists in hydrating the body and preventing the symptoms of heat stress. Founded by Dr Graham Bates, Aqualyte is now used by many professional sports including the AFL, Basketball, Cricket, Netball, Hockey, and Rugby amongst others as an effective hydration solution.

To explain how Aqualyte’s hypotonic solutions work we first need to explain what osmolality is. Osmolality is a measurement of fluid concentration which is indicated by the number of solutes per volume of fluid. The osmolality of blood and body fluids is approximately 290 mOsmol/L.

Hypotonic solutions have an osmolality lower than the body (< 280 mOsmol/l) which actively promotes fluid absorption. Hypotonic solutions such as Aqualyte are a more effective solution than isotonic and hypertonic solutions due to their lower osmolality levels.


Hypertonic (high concentrations) solutions result in water being pulled out of the body and drawn into the gut to dilute that solution back to an Iso-tonic state. Hypotonic solutions, on the other hand, have a lower concentration of electrolytes than the body which allows the solution to be absorbed faster than hypertonic and isotonic drinks or just water alone.

Hypotonic solutions assist in hydrating the body, preventing fatigue and maintaining correct electrolyte levels. This is why hypotonic solutions can be used in various applications not only in sports but also in industries including construction, mining, healthcare and hospitals and other applications where hydration is a common occurrence.

Hydrating the body is important to assist in maximum mental and physical performance. A hydration level of just 1-2% can lead to a decline in mental and physical performance by up to 6-7%.

Aqualyte can be made simply by mixing the dry crystals with the recommended volume of water. The mixed formula can then be kept in the fridge for up to 2 weeks to provide an instant hydration solution.

Aqualyte is available in 3 flavours:

  • Natural Mild Orange
  • Natural Lemon & Lime
  • Natural Berry

(Aqualyte is suitable for children and adults of all ages)

Make Aqualyte Solutions part of your OHS and safety program today!

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Why Is A Hypotonic Solution Good For Preventing Dehydration