Understanding Your Flammable Refrigerant Gas Obligations in Australia

Understanding your flammable refrigerant gas obligations in Australia.

Did you know that refrigerants known as fluorocarbon refrigerants used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems for portable buildings and vehicles on mine sites cause damage to the ozone layer and contribute to global warming if emitted? The leaking of refrigerant gases such as R1234yf, R32 and HFOs damages the ozone and increases the risk of skin cancer among other environmental impacts.
Did you also know that it is also illegal in Australia under the Ozone Act to have systems that leak refrigerant and if ignored, may result in penalties to your business? According to the Australian Refrigerant Council Ltd (ARC), illegal discharge of refrigerant gases, whether deliberate or accidental can result in fines up to the value of $270,000 for corporations and $54,000 for individuals.

The Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities (HWSA) have developed the Flammable Refrigerant Gases – position paper which provides a great deal of information on the obligations of work health and safety duty holders with respect to the use of flammable refrigerant gases at workplaces.

Air-Met Scientific offers a wide range of refrigerant leak detectors from local and international leading suppliers such as Air-Met Scientific, Sensitron, SmartGas and ThermalGas to suit workplaces of any size in the management and monitoring of refrigerant gases.


If you have any concerns about potential refrigerant gas leaks or the monitoring of these leaks, click here or call 1800 000 744 to speak to one of our friendly representatives.


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Mon. 11 Feb 2019

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Understanding Your Flammable Refrigerant Gas Obligations