Tango TX1 v1.9 Release Update

Tango TX1 v1.9 Release Update

A new software update for the Tango TX1 has been released by Industrial Scientific. It's highly recommended for users of the instrument to update to v1.9 to take advantage of enhancements made to the firmware.

The update includes the following upgrades:

  • [TANGO-580] The dock due reminder has been updated to prevent an instrument from displaying a "Dock Overdue" reminder immediately after a firmware upgrade is performed, immediately after an instrument that has never been powered on is docked, or when an instrument remains on a docking station for an extended period of time.
  • [TANGO-686] An enhancement to zeroing when docked has been made to prevent calibration from altering the zero baseline.

For more information about the update, please contact your local Air-Met Scientific office.  


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Date and Time

Thu. 14 Jun 2018

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Tango TX1 v1.9 Release Update