SRM-3006: New Firmware Update

SRM-3006: New Firmware Update

The Selective Radiation Meter SRM-3006 is always delivered with the latest firmware version installed. As the firmware is being constantly developed, it is a good idea to update the device on a regular basis.

Use the SRM-3006 Tools or SRM-3006 TS PC software to update the device. Simply follow the instruction in the SRM operating manual or in the on line help for SRM-3006 TS.

The latest firmware contains:
  • "Safety Evaluation" mode
  • "Spectrum Analysis" mode
  • "Level Meter" mode
  • "Scope" mode (option)
  • "UMTS P-CPICH Demodulation" mode (option)
  • "LTE Demodulation" mode (option)
The options are charged extra and can only be activated by a special code. Contact Air-Met for more information.
Please note the following when updating the firmware:
A firmware update can take up to 30 minutes. Prematurely canceling the update can cause data loss and render the instrument inoperable.
  • Finish all measurements.
  • Export all the data you wish to retain to a PC, as such data could be lost during an update. If this happens, the data cannot be restored.
  • Make sure that the power supply is uninterrupted during the update. Connect the AC adapter/charger to ensure this.
  • Only start the update when you have done the above.
  • Wait until the update completes successfully before you change any settings on the SRM.

Please note that you will need to set up a user account in order to download the firmware. 

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Date and Time

Thu. 15 Oct 2015

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SRM-3006: New Firmware Update