Seven Hospitalised After Household Carbon Monoxide Leak in Sydney

Seven Hospitalised After Household Carbon Monoxide Leak in Sydney

Emergency services were called to a Sydney house where five children and two adults were suffering from symptoms of nausea and dizziness.

As reported by The Guardian Australia, Fire and Rescue NSW soon discovered the cause: a high concentration of carbon monoxide in the home which was traced back to a pool heating system. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that is undetectable to human senses. Labelled a “silent killer”, high concentrations of carbon monoxide can often go unnoticed until it’s too late. That’s why, with the onset of winter, authorities have urged people to keep their gas appliances and heaters maintained with regular checks and maintenance by a registered gasfitter with the appropriate gas leak detection equipment. Household carbon monoxide alarms can also be installed as a back-up precaution.

But whilst we are aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide in the household, carbon monoxide exposure in other buildings and facilities is seldom publicly discussed. Schools, universities, offices, swimming pools, laboratories and other facilities all tend to have expansive heating and gas systems. In comparison to households, large facilities have many more sources of potential carbon monoxide exposure that can affect significantly more people. In these buildings, it is vital to have an alarm system in place to facilitate safe evacuations in the event of a carbon monoxide leak or build up.  

Air-Met’s Monotox TX is an affordable, low-maintenance carbon monoxide gas detector with flexible installation options for your conveinence. The Monotox TX carbon monoxide detectors are designed for easy integration into an existing building safety network, and are also ideal for use as a standalone alarm unit. Manufactured locally by our in-house engineers, each unit can be built-to-order to suit the needs of your facility.

An optional modem, for example, can provide email and SMS alerts when dangerous carbon monoxide levels are reached. This means building safety officers, even when off-site or away from the source of the leak, can take appropriate action immediately.

Air-Met Monotox TX Toxic Gas Detector

To learn more about our carbon monoxide and other gas detection solutions, contact Air-Met Scientific on 1800 000 744.



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Thu. 13 Jun 2019

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Seven Hospitalised After Household Carbon Monoxide Leak in Sydney