Narda RadMan 2XT Now With Variable Alarm Thresholds


Narda RadMan 2XT Personal Radiation Meter now available with Variable Alarm Thresholds

Update for RadMan 2-TS Available

There have been frequent requests for variable alarm thresholds for the RadMan 2 Personal Radiation Meter. Situations for the variable alarm thresholds include, e.g. where the user needs to be warned as soon as possible if there is an active radiation source rather than when the limit value is exceeded or if the warning device is to be used to cover both the occupational limit values and the general public values, which are lower by a factor of 5.

Three new RadMan 2 variants are now available for applications like these.The alarm thresholds of these devices can be varied in the range from 10% to 310% in 5% steps using the PC software. These new devices correspond to the existing RadMan 2XT versions in every other respect. There are now therefore three further RadMan 2XT versions for customers requiring variable alarm thresholds:

Narda Safety Test Solution SRM-3006 5G Ready
RadMan 2XT Radiation Monitor Sets, 60GHz, with Variable Alarm Thresholds Item Number
RadMan 2XT Optioned, ICNIRP 1998/ Occupational 2281/101-1
RadMan 2XT Optioned, FCC 96-326/ Occupational 2281/102-1
RadMan 2XT Optioned, SC 6 (2015)/ Controlled 2281/103-1

NewRadMan 2-TS Version 1.0.1 Available for Download

The alarm thresholds can be changed using the Configuration menu of the PC software. This required a minor change that made this update necessary.

Download RadMan 2-TS

The expert team at Narda recommend the RadMan 2 variants without variable alarm thresholds for all customers who want to be certain that the alarm thresholds have not been altered either knowingly or unknowingly, and who require a warning device that will always use the same values to reliably warn the user that limit values have been exceeded.

Customers can therefore now choose between fixed or variable alarm thresholds when they place their order. It is not possible however to add this feature later.

The application-oriented range of products from Narda Safety Test Solutions is ideally set for 5G NR in the long term. As the leader in the field of EMF Safety, RF test and measurement specialist Narda frequently discuss with the key people in the industry, thus playing an active part in determining future technical regulations and standards.



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RadMan 2XT Personal Radiation Meter now with Variable Alarm Thresholds