Narda Radman 2 Personal Radiation Monitor – A Finalist in the Prestigious GIT Security Award 2021

Narda Radman 2 Personal Radiation Monitor – A Finalist in the Prestigious GIT Security Award 2021

Radman 2 Personal Radiation Monitor Nominated in Category B of the GIT Security Awards

Held annually by GIT Security Magazine since 2003 by the leading magazine of European security, the GIT Security Award is an initiative that honours products that offer the highest level of innovation.

It therefore comes as no surprise to that the RadMan 2 Personal Radiation Monitor was recently nominated in Category B (Fire and explosion protection, industrial security) for the prestigious GIT Security Award 2021.

Developed and manufactured in Germany by Narda Safety Test Solutions, the RadMan 2 superseded the bestselling RadMan Personal Monitor and continues to be an essential piece of personal safety equipment for those who work in or around electromagnetic fields (EMF).


The RF measuring device specialists at Narda STS have equipped the RadMan 2 Personal Monitor with new, intelligent features while retaining the old qualities made the RadMan Personal Monitor a best seller, and future proofed it by extending the frequency range up to 60 GHz.

With the new RadMan 2, workers can be sure they have premium safety on their belt. Particularly in unknown EMF situations where there is no certain knowledge of the actual EMF conditions, the RadMan 2 Personal Monitors takes the initiative in such complex monitoring tasks. Immediately after it is switched on, it performs an automatic sensor test to ensure that it is working correctly, and always gives you reliable warning whenever the limit values are exceeded. This new feature makes it unnecessary to use an external test transmitter because it checks the correct function of its own sensors immediately after it is switched on. Without any further action, the user can concentrate on their job, knowing that they are protected. The new test and warning device alarm signals are louder and brighter than before, and there is now even a vibrating alarm to ensure that users never miss any warning of a dangerous situation.

The Narda RadMan 2 Personal Monitor is available in 2 versions. The XT version of the RadMan 2 for up to 60 GHz currently covers the widest frequency range on the market and thus gives the wearer reliable and sure warning even at radio and radar frequencies and also of 5G millimeter waves. The RadMan 2 is also available in a second version, the LT, which covers frequencies up to 8 GHz and has a leaner set of features. The LT is ideal for people who only occasionally work in EMF, such as tradespeople.

The Narda RadMan 2 Personal Monitor also features an unbelievable operating time of 800 hours on a full charge, is equipped with E field as well as H field (magnetic) sensors for use in the near and far field of TV and radio antennas and guarantees maximum safety when working in critical electromagnetic fields by systematically excluding sources of error, such as damage to the device or incorrect operation.

Regardless of whether in the near field of radar antennas, broadcasting stations, cellphone base stations, close to industrial high frequency smelting and welding equipment or undertaking the 5G rollout, workers can be sure that they can rely on the RadMan 2 Personal Monitor in all situations.

The list of RadMan 2 features is long, and all of them contribute to maximum safety in EMFs which is the reason why it was chosen as a finalist in the GIT Security Awards.

The Narda STS EMF product range is available exclusively from Air-Met Scientific.


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Radman 2 Personal Radiation Monitor – A Finalist in the Prestigious GIT Security Award 2021