New Ventis® MX4 Firmware Update Now Available

New Ventis® MX4 Firmware Update Now Available

Industrial Scientific have just released their latest firmware update (version 4.3) for the Ventis® MX4 Portable Multi Gas Monitor instruments.

This new optional update introduces two new features, a low battery warning and an adjustment to the critical battery alarm.

Low Battery Warning: A low battery warning will begin to display when the battery has approximately one hour of run time remaining and should be recharged. The instrument will sound a beep sound every 60 seconds to remind the user that the battery is low.

Critical Battery Alarm: An alarm will sound when there is insufficient battery run time remaining for continued operation. The instrument will go into high alarm for approximately 10 minutes before powering off. The battery will than need to be charged or replaced. The instrument will not be detecting gas when the battery has depleted, as indicated by the dashes in place of gas readings.

This update will provide Ventis® operators with beneficial information on the battery use of their Ventis® devices. Additionally, users may experience improvements in the instrument run time when operated in cold temperatures.

To upgrade your Ventis MX4 firmware, dock the instrument on a DSXi Docking Station.


For more information , contact your local Air-Met Scientific office today. 


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Fri. 13 Oct 2017

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New Ventis® MX4 Firmware Update Now Available