New | Slim Extended Lithium-ion Battery For Ventis® Instruments

New | Slim Extended Lithium-ion Battery For Ventis® Instruments

Industrial Scientific has just released a new lithium-ion battery option for Ventis® MX4 and Ventis® Pro Series (Ventis Pro 4 and Ventis Pro 5) instruments. The new slim extended lithium-ion battery provides up to 18 hours of run time and does not compromise with additional weight or size. The extended battery life will enable operators to prolong continuous use of their devices, resulting in better efficiency and cost-savings. Additionally, the battery is compatible with existing DSX™ Docking Stations and will extend the lithium-ion battery line-up to three devices available for the Ventis® family of instruments.


To accommodate the new battery and existing battery types, Ventis Desktop Chargers and Datalinks will now include a redesigned blue spacer. This redesigned spacer will also ship with orders for the new battery through January 2018 (additional spacers can also be ordered).


What is the Ventis™ MX4, Ventis®Pro4 and Ventis®Pro5 Multi Gas Monitors?

The Ventis™ MX4 is a portable gas monitor that can detect from one to four gases with a wide range of sensor options. The MX4 is highly configurable to meet the needs of any business. Read more about the Ventis™ MX4 here

The Ventis® Pro4 and Ventis® Pro5 multi gas monitors are the latest offerings from Industrial Scientific featuring all the latest technology from ISC including Alarm Action Messages, iAssign Technology, Panic Button and Man Down Alarm and more. The Ventis Pro Series comes in a four and five gas option designed to measure and detect combustible and toxic gasses across a range of applications. Want to know more about the Ventis™ Pro4 and Ventis® Pro5? Read more about the Ventis® Pro4 here and Ventis® Pro5 here.

For more information on Industrial Scientific’s New Slim Extended Li-ion Battery or the Ventis® MX4, Ventis® Pro4, Ventis® Pro5, contact your local Air-Met office here.


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Mon. 16 Oct 2017

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New | Slim Extended Lithium-ion Battery For Ventis® Instruments