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New EHP200-TS PC Software

EHP-TS, the control, display and evaluation software for EHP-50 and EHP-200, runs on every Windows based PC, notebook or UMPC. It turns the EHP-50 and EHP-200 into ideal solutions for precision on site spectrum analysis.

A user friendly menu structure simplifies all parameter settings; changes are seen in the spectrum immediately. The spectrums for the electric and magnetic field strengths can be displayed simultaneously and evaluated using markers. The wideband field measurement value is calculated with reference to the displayed frequency band. The ICNIRP limit values are already stored, and user defined limit values can be programmed in.

EHP-TS displays the results in various units, including as a percentage of the limit value. Results can be exported to spreadsheet or word processor applications.

Narda has released a new version of the PC software EHP200-TS. Version 2.04 is now available for download from the Narda website. A whole range of improvements have been made, so we strongly recommend that you update your software.

  • New limit value curves of ICNIRP 2020 and IEEE C95.1-2019 added
  • Working directory changed to Documents\NardaSafety\EHP200-TS to match up with other Narda software products
  • Inclusion of many improvements previously only implemented in EHP50-TS
  • Facility to select the units of magnetic field in Dual Mode
  • General error corrections

The latest version of the PC Software EHP200-TS can be downloaded below.



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Date and Time

Tue. 19 May 2020

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New PC Software EHP200-TS