NBM-550: Firmware Version 2.2.2 Update

NBM-550: Firmware Version 2.2.2 Update

The NBM-550 Broadband Field Meter is always delivered with the latest firmware version installed. 

As the firmware is being constantly developed, it is a good idea to update the device on a regular basis.

The new Firmware Version 2.2.2 eliminates an error that occurred when making measurements together with the EHP-50F and which caused result values for frequencies below 5 Hz not to be transferred to the NBM-TS software during data transfer. The correction only affects measurements in EHP-50F/Spectrum operating mode in the frequency ranges Span = 100 Hz and 200 Hz.


Publication Date: October 2015

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Date and Time

Tue. 08 Dec 2015

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NBM-550: Firmware Version 2.2.2 Update