Introducing The New Updated SpeedBag HydraSleeve

Introducing The New Updated SpeedBag HydraSleeve

No waiting! No equilibration time! Immediate retrieval! Purchase fewer weights for one job!

The Speedbag (US Patent No. 6,481,300; No. 6,837,120; others pending) is a new version of our standard HydraSleeve that minimises drag down when placing the SpeedBag HydraSleeve in the well.

The original SpeedBag was an altered standard 2-inch HydraSleeve. We now have updated the size to accommodate more sample volume. The new SpeedBag will now be a normal, stocked, inventory item, and immediately available - no waiting for custom assemblies to be manufactured.

  • For the first deployment at a new site, the user can collect the first sample using the Speedbag and then leave a fresh standard HydraSleeve or SpeedBag in the well screen to be recovered for the next round of sampling.
  • Immediate recovery will allow for significant time savings when conducting comparison studies. Just one trip to the well when comparing HydraSleeves to pumped samples.
  • Where budgets are tight one weight can be utilised to sample all wells. There is no need to have one weight per well; simply decontaminate the same weight and reuse it for all of the wells.
  • The in/out method utilitsed with the Speedbag reduces sample turbidity. It only collects sediment that is suspended in the sample zone at the time of collection. This eliminates the accumulation of in-well sediment on top of the sampler over time. (see HydraShield). In fact, it provides the least turbid samples possible with the HydraSleeve.
  • A 900 mls sample can be collected from any open well (2-inch schedule 80 and larger) at any time with sampling equipment that fits in your tool box. Please remember to oscillate the Speedbag several times when using these in wells that are larger than 2 inch diameter (click for details)
  • The SpeedBags can be easily shortened to recover less sample volume. There is even a weld mark along the side of the SpeedBag which marks the size needed to collect 500 mls of sample. See instructions on shortening any HydraSleeve by clicking here.

For more information, please click here or call 1800 000 744 to speak to one of our friendly representatives.

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Thu. 01 Oct 2015

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Introducing The New Updated SpeedBag HydraSleeve