Improved DSX™ Docking Station for Ventis® Instruments

Improved DSX™ Docking Station for Ventis® Instruments

Industrial Scientific has been hard at work redesigning the DSX Docking Station for the Ventis® MX4 and Ventis® Pro Series gas detectors. This redesign is available for DSX Standalone, DSXi Cloud-Connected, and DSX-L Local Server docking stations. Industrial Scientific has improved the docking station by taking advantage of a face-down instrument placement that eliminates the door, external tubing, and other small pieces. These, changes along with the recent updates in DSX-L v9.7 and DSXi v7.6, make the DSX line of docking stations the simplest and most reliable way to maintain a fleet of gas detectors.

The new docking station design has been improved with the following specifications:

  • Instrument placement – The reduced form factor, elimination of door and the addition of a spring-loaded hood helps to ensure the gas detector is properly placed, leading to fewer false failed bump tests and calibrations
  • Sensor accuracy – The face-down design more closely imitates a manual calibration, resulting in even more consistent sensor accuracy
  • Wind resistance – Some customers have reported ventilation systems interrupting the effective operation of a docking station. The redesign can now withstand wind of up to 8 kph (5 mph).

Industrial Scientific will begin manufacturing Ventis DSX Docking Stations using the new design effective immediately. Existing Ventis DSX Docking Station users that wish to update to the new design, please contact your local Air-Met Scientific office for assistance.  


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Tue. 17 Apr 2018

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Improved DSX™ Docking Station for Ventis® Instruments