Important Update to the Cub Personal PID Detector Range

Important Update to the Cub Personal PID Detector Range

ION Science has announced a change in intrinsically safe approvals for Cub devices

The intrinsically safe approvals for ION Science Cub Personal PID Detector instruments have been altered due to a change in battery. All ION Science Cub devices with serial numbers TC20001 onwards will be manufactured with a new li-ion rechargeable battery, currently holding ATEX approval only.

The other key changes to the instrument are:

  • A 12-hour battery runtime
  • An increased number of battery charge cycles, meaning the device will have a longer lifespan.
CUB Personal PID Detector

UL Certification for Cub devices is currently in the process of being reinstated, with subsequent communication to be released with the confirmation of these approvals.

Cub personal PID monitors continue to be a reliable choice for a wide variety of VOC detection applications, including use in mines, petrochemical facilities, chemical storage facilities, aircraft tank entry, and many other safety monitoring applications.

Please note that all previously manufactured Cub devices continue to be both UL and ATEX approved and this change only applies to instruments with serial numbers TC20001 and beyond.

For more information on the ION Science Cub range or other VOC detection solutions, contact Air-Met Scientific on 1800 000 744 to speak to one of our friendly representatives.


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Sun. 11 Aug 2019

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Important Update to the Cub Personal PID Detector Range