EMF Safety: Wideband and Selective Measurements


EMF Safety: Wideband and Selective Measurements

A wideband measurement made with the Narda NBM gives a measurement result for all the services taken together. Regardless of how much power is transmitted by TV, FM radio, or mobile communications, or how many transmitters there are, a wideband measurement gives a single result. The Narda NBN-550 features memory for saving up to 5,000 measurement results, voice recording for comments, intelligent probe interface detects probe parameters and numerous other beneficial features.

On the other hand, the Narda SRM, will get you any number of results, or more precisely, one result for each service that is present. Whether you want to display the total power of all FM stations, or to show the power of each FM station separately, it is only a question of the settings of the SRM. The device can dissect the frequency spectrum practically however you want. This is really important, particularly if the limit value is exceeded. The Narda SRM-3006 is suitable for outdoor use, features an integrated GPS and voice recorder for effective analysis.

Download Narda NBM-550 Brochure

Download Narda NBM-550 Datasheet

Download Narda SRM-3006 Brochure

Download Narda SRM-3006 Datasheet

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EMF Safety: Wideband and Selective Measurements