DSXi and DSX™ Software Update

DSXi and DSX™ Software Update

Industrial Scientific has recently released a new software update (version 7.5.2) for DSXi and DSX Standalone Docking Stations. It’s highly recommended that you upgrade your docking station firmware to ensure it performs at optimal performance.

This new update has now changed some of the DSX Docking Station messages to provide better troubleshooting instructions. The troubleshooting message “Unavailable Gas” has been eliminated and replaced with the following four messages:

  • “Calibration Failure (sensor symbols)” – The docking station will now indicate which sensor(s) failed calibration. Note: If multiple sensors fail calibration, the issue is likely related to a cylinder connection, the docking station door, or other factor that affects gas delivery rather than with the sensors themselves.
  • “Cylinder Expired 1810-xxxx” – Indicates that the referenced gas cylinder is expired and should be replaced.
  • “Replace Cylinder 1810-xxxx” – Indicates that the referenced gas cylinder is empty and should be replaced.
  • “Connect Zero Air Cylinder” – In order to accurately calibrate a CO2 cylinder, zero air must be connected to Port 1 of a DSX Docking Station. If zero air is not present during

This new update also includes several minor enhancements and bug fixes.

To upgrade your DSXi Docking Station software, log into iNet® Control and schedule the upgrade.


For more information, click here for your local office details or call 1800 000 744 to speak to one of our friendly representatives.

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Thu. 18 Jan 2018

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DSXi and DSX™ Software Update