DSX-L Docking Station Software Update

DSX-L Docking Station Software Update

A new software update is now available for Industrial Scientific's DSX-L Docking Station. DSX-L v9.7 is the latest update that includes several enhancements and bug fixes with a key focus on improving the O2 bump tests and providing clearer troubleshooting messages.

Air-Met would like to advise all users of the DSX-L Docking Station to upgrade to the new software update to ensure optimal performance.

The Latest Enhancements in DSX-L v9.7 Software

02 Sensor Bump Test Improvements

Industrial Scientific has improved the process for O2 bump tests to further automate the process. If an O2 sensor bump fails a bump test, it will now automatically be calibrated (zeroed). Once a successful calibration has occurred, the sensor will be bump tested again. This eliminates the need for manual intervention when the docking station can correct for normal sensor drift that results in a failed bump test.

Improved Messaging

Several DSX™ Docking Station messages have been changed to provide clearer troubleshooting instructions.


1. The troubleshooting message “Unavailable Instrument” has been eliminated and replaced with the following four messages:

  • “Bump Failure (sensor symbol)” – The docking station will now indicate which sensor failed the bump test.
  • “Calibration Failure (sensor symbol)” – The docking station will now indicate which sensor(s) failed calibration. Note: if multiple sensors fail calibration, the issues is likely related to a cylinder connection, the docking station door, or other factors that affect gas delivery rather than with the sensors themselves.
  • “Instrument Error” – Indicates that the instrument has an error that cannot be corrected by the docking station. Refer to the instrument display for additional details about the error.
  • “Communication Error” – Indicates that the docking station is unable to establish communication with the instrument. Check the placement of the instrument in the docking station and the condition of the instrument battery contacts.

2. The troubleshooting message “Unavailable gas” has been replaced with:

  • “Cylinder Expired 1810-xxxx” – Indicates that the referenced gas cylinder is expired and should be replaced
  • “Replace Cylinder 1810-xxxx” – Indicates that the referenced gas cylinder is empty and should be replaced.

3. In order to accurately calibrate a CO2 cylinder, zero air must be connected to Port 1 of a DSX-L Docking Station. If zero air is not present during a CO2 calibration, the docking station will display the message “Connect Zero Air Cylinder.”

4. There have been some improved messages during calibration, including communication when a biased O2 sensor is not yet ready for gas to be applied.

Additional Enhancements

  • Provides support for manifolding, which allows a single gas cylinder to be shared between multiple docking stations. Up to five docking stations can participate in a single manifold.
  • Now compatible with Windows 2016.
  • Adds ability to set instrument security codes via DSSAC.
  • Enables download of server log while in view mode.
  • Allows the selection of LEL CH4 measurement range LEL50 (0 to 5.0%) or LEL44 (0 to 4.4%) for German Ventis Pro users.
  • Modifies gas alert criteria to allow them to be equal to or less than the low alarm setting. This feature makes it possible to disable gas alerts for individual sensors.
  • The ability to edit the calibration past due days warning via DSSAC.
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes.

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Thu. 18 Jan 2018

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DSX-L Docking Station Software Update