Cub Firmware & PC Update

Cub Firmware & PC Update

The Cub firmware and PC software by Ion Science have recently been updated with a number of enhancements. It’s highly recommended that owners of the Cub update to the latest firmware (V0.0.80) and PC software (V0.0.0.45) to ensure they take advantage of these improvements.

The improvements that have been made with this release are detailed below:

Cub PC Software V0.0.0.45

  • CUB PC lock – restricted user version
  • Default configuration file can be sent to multiple Cubs
  • French equivalent of EH40 updated to INRS
  • CUB PC summary screen details are now automatically visible when CUB is connected to a PC
  • Datalog jpg graph shows additional information
  • Gas table update
  • Option to carry out bump test using PID gas or calibration gas
  • Invalid calibration clarification
  • Ion Science branding update

Cub firmware V0.0.80

  • Alarm noise updated
  • Option to opt-out of auto-zero at switch on
  • Switch on alarms
  • Alarm lock functionality updated

PC software can be upgraded directly via your existing version of Cub PC software. Please refer to the relevant sections of the user manual for guidance.

Download Software

The latest version of Cub user manual has also been updated to reflect the changes listed within this software release.

Download Cub Manual

For more information about the update and how this affects your CUB Personal PID Monitor, please contact your local Air-Met Scientific office.  

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Date and Time

Mon. 26 Feb 2018

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Cub Firmware & PC Update