GFM410 Landfill Gas Analyser

Ideal for Monitoring and Analysing Gas Content of Landfill, Biogas and Contaminated Land Sites.

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The GFM410 is the base model for the optimised control and maintenance of landfill gas extraction systems and flares.
The instrument allows the measurement of the 3 key gases in landfill management and is designed to help landfill engineers minimise down time and maximise efficiency.
The GFM410 is a lightweight, hand-held instrument that has been designed and manufactured for use in the most challenging field conditions. 
When using the instrument the back-lit screen offers operational use to take place even in poor light conditions. The large battery life allows detailed gas analysis to take place for extended periods of time.
  • Gases measured: CH4 (0-100%) ,CO2 (0-100%), O2 (0-25%)
  • Up to 7 gas analysis channels
  • 4 Wavelength optical infra-red analyser
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Powerful sample pump
  • User replaceable sample ¬filter
  • Field replaceable/rechargeable battery pack
  • Optional flow, pressure and temperature
  • Industry standard sensors
  • Open upgrade path
  • Data storage option
Infrared CH4 Analysis 0-100%
LEL 0-100%
Infrared CO2 Analysis 0-100%
Electrochemical O2 Analysis 0-100%
Atmospheric Pressure 800 to 1200 mbar
Static Gauge ±400 mbar
Optional Gas Channels CO, H2, H2S
Certifiation ATex


  • Landfill gas monitoring
  • Contaminated site monitoring
  • Biogas monitoring