Series 575 VOC Chek Validated Passive Samplers for VOC's

Validated Passive Samplers for the Collection of Organic Vapours at ppm levels.

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The Passive Sampler for Organic Vapours collects organic vapours without the use of a pump. The sampler is validated for short-term and eight-hour sampling and 24-hour indoor sampling for some compounds. 
Use the sampler to test exposure to VOCs such as toluene, tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene, xylenes, ethylbenzene, 2-butanone (MEK), hexone (MIBK), benzene, butyl acetates, and styrene. Models exclusive for Ethylene oxide and Methanol are also available.

SKC has scientifically validated the sampling rate of the 575 Series passive samplers along with other critical sampling parameters to meet OSHA/ASTM/ANSI requirements. SKC 575 Series Passive Samplers are identified as a viable alternative to active sampling in seven OSHA methods.

  • Newly designed housing for easier analysis
  • No assembly required
  • Accurate and reliable — Proven performers
    • Extensively tested, with Research reports for 30 compounds available
  • Save time and money
    • Collect most compounds with one sampler for up to a full 8-hour workshift eliminating multiple trips to the worksite
    • One sampler + one analysis = money saved
    • Economical solvent desorption and GC analysis
  • Variety of samplers available
    • Only SKC offers a choice of sorbents to better target specific contaminants
    • Proper sorbent selection means no reverse diffusion
  • Superior collection efficiency
    • SKC sorbents have a larger surface area for higher capacities
    • Samplers contain >300 mg of sorbent much more than other brands
  • Sampling flexibility
    • Validated for 15 minute and 8-hour sampling
    • Suitable for 24-hour indoor air sampling for some compounds
  • Accurate and reliable 
  • So easy to use!
    • No pump or training required
  • Meet ASTM D6246-08 and ANSI/ISEA 104-1998(r 2009) standards
  • Listed in seven OSHA methods as a reliable alternative to active sampling
  • Easy access to sampling rates and parameters in the SKC Passive Sampling Guide
Nylon, 1.4-in (3.5-cm) diameter, 2.5-in (6.3-cm) length (including clip), and 0.6-in (1.5-cm) depth
Concentration Range Varies dependent upon chemical of interest
Solvent desorption, gas chromatography (GC) with varying
detectors dependent upon chemical of interest
Shelf Life Limited shelf life
Storage Varies, refer to instructions for more information. 
Sample Time
Validated for 15-min and 8-hr occupational exposure
sampling. 24-hr validation for some compounds
Sampling Rate Dependent upon chemical of interest.


  • Veterinary clinics
  • Instrument manufacturing facilities
  • Manufacturing plants